Bra-Cups Wiki

1/2 Cup

The cups cover half the bust, well suited for clothes with low-cut decolette or dresses with a wide neckline.

100% PES Hi-Performance-Cup

Bra Cup made of 100% PES fiber. Special features are white stability, breathability and recyclability

3/4 Cup

It's a Bra which does not completely cover the breasts, especially suitable for further cut out clothes.

Balconet Bra-Cup

Classic-style Bra Cup shape without armhole and strap.

Bandeau Bra Cup

Special Bra Cup shape with armhole, without strap and cut out symetric rounding at the ending of the neckline.

Bi-elastic Bra Cup

Bra Cup made of special bi-elastic foam and bi-elastic cover fabric.


Newly defined by MUEHLMEIER as shaping and forming of breast and shoulder area, and the whole body with fashion components.

Bra Cup

Ergonomically moulded breast-part of the Bra. Moulded Bra Cup can be made of different Foams, SPACER, PES fibre or any other material formed by pressure & heat.

Bra Cup mould

The corresponding aluminium mould for a specific Bra Cup model in its specific size.

Bra Cup with Liquid-Push up

Push Up Bra Cups moulded with liquid inlay inside. (See more under Liquid Push Up.)

Bra Cup with Push up

Bra Cup with thicker foam support increasing from the bottom and the side of the cup.

Bra-Cup without Push Up

Bra-Cup without or with very thin padding.


Brafitting is the process of finding a bra that fits perfectly and whose cut exactly matches the wearer of the bra.

Brushing Fabric

Special surfaced cover fabric. The super soft handfeel derives from the cover fabrics' brushing treatment. The feature of "Smooth Touch" can be best realised if the Brushing Fabric is used together with soft foam.


Special support on the buttock area to give ideal back form. The Butt-Padding is made of moulded foam.


Software: The 3D designing and constructing programs are used for planning of bra cup moulds, based on files of 3D scanned objects.

CNC machines

The CNC machines for Bra Cup production are used for making aluminium moulds by automatic drilling of the metal block.


Marketing concept of using supplier reputation for communication of special product feature to the end-consumer.

Cup Sizes

The marking of the size of a ready made bra for consumer communication. Different geographical areas or countries have different size systems. Generally used sizes and correspondences see in attached size-table.

Full Cup

The cups cover the whole bust. Here, a very good support is given especially for the larger bust, which is achieved by special seam guide.

Generous Sizes

Cups from D to H.


The bra sizes all have the same cup size (in most cases), only the underbust circumference is different.

Integrated Wire Bra Cup

Bra Cup made with bra wire integrated the foam inside. Also called pre-finished with wire.

Liquid Push Up

Encapsuled in PE foil filled with a liquid (gel or eventually oil) and used as integrated Inlay for moulded Bra Cups or as removable Cookie in the bra.


Registered as trade mark and brand name. The name derives from the short form of MUEHLMEIER Technologies. Generally used as brand name for the Bra Cups produced by high technology and quality control of MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping.

M-TEC® Casual Progressive

·        •  Wire free progressive soft support

·        Stable bottom line due to insert foam armature

·        Progressive soft neckline for perfect adaption & comfort

M-TEC® Comfort

The product group of M-TEC® Bra Cups made with special featured cover fabric like Cotton, Modal or Tencel which offer better wearing comfort than standard PES covered Bra Cups.

M-TEC® Dermo Cups


Product Characteristics

  • Hyaluron Inside
  • No wash-out-Effect
  • Soft Touch and Feel

Product Benefits

  • Moisturizing Effect
  • Firming Effect
  • Antioxidant Effect




Product Characteristics

  • Retinola and Fatty acids inside
  • Soft Touch and Feel
  • Permanent Skin Care

Product Benefits

  • Increased skin Tension
  • More Moisturized Skin




Product Characteristics

  • Aloe Vera inside
  • Natural Extract
  • Good Skin Protection
  • Soft Touch and Feel

Product Benefits

  • Moisturizing
  • Calming
  • Anti-oxidant




Product Characteristics

  • Lipid-Replenishing Action
  • Soft Touch and Feel

Product Benefits

  • Smoother and Firmer Skin
  • More Toned Skin
  • Volume Effects




Product Characteristics

  • Plain additional Fabric layer inside the cup
  • Push-up Pocket for a Defined hold
  • Professional Push-uP Solution
  • Better Optic than Sewns


Product Benefits

  • Same Wearing Comfort as Classic Push-Ups
  • Same Flexibility as the cups with Sewn on Push-Up Pocket
    M-TEC® Magic Silicone Wire Cup

    Product Characteristics

    The new star out of the MUEHLMEIER UN_WIRED BraCup Collection: M-TEC® Magic Silicone Wire Cups

    • for relaxing sports-activity like yoga, walking
    • for big sizes conveniently fitting support
    • for the healthy bosom in wellness-lifestyle Bras
    • enjoy the new generation of “Free of Metal” Relax-BraCups

    Product Benefits

    • High Breathability and Heat-Regulation
    • Light and natural wearing comfort
    • stable shaping - Even Pushing
    • Fast Drying
    M-TEC® Prefinished

    Bra Cups semifinished like integrated wire or moulded and sewn-on outer fabric finish.


    Product Characteristics

      • soft-Foam-Cup
      • Matched Padding for each size
      • Ultrafine inside Cover


      Product Benefits

      • Hightest wearing Comfort
      • Perfect Fitting
      • Emphasizes the female Optic

          Product Characteristics

          • Enhancement per size
          • Perfectly smooth Adaption of Bust and Padding
          • Natural Curvy Bustline for all Breast Shapes


          Product Benefits

          • Maximum wearing Comfort
          • Feeling “One With The Bra”
          • No Feeling of Pushed Impression
            M-TEC® Push Twice

            The product group of M-TEC® Bra Cups with strong Push-Up. These cups increase the anatomic breast size up to 2 cup-sizes more (original model of the brand Aumentax).

            M-TEC® Real Breast feel

            Product Characteristics

            • Multilayer Cup
            • Soft Foam and Memory Foam


            Product Benefits

            • Breast identical touch and Feel
            • Optimal Adaption to the Natural
            • Breast Shape
              M-TEC® Shapewear Bra Cup

              Especially developed monocup construction for shapewear.

              M-TEC® SPACE-UP

              Product Characteristics

              • Push-Up-Solution for spacer
              • Very thin edges
              • VERY functional Push-Up Padding
              • 100% PES Bra-cup
              • Special Fast drying and Wet stable spacer for Swimwear

              Product Benefits

              • THE SWIMWEAR SPACER
              • High Breathability and Heat-Regulation
              • Light and natural wearing comfort
              • stable shaping - Even Pushing
              • Fast Drying
              M-TEC® SPACER

              The product group of M-TEC® Bra Cups made of SPACER. See more under SPACER Bra Cups.


              Product Benefits

              • Very light and 3-dimensional stable
              • Great heat regulation
              • High breathability
              M-TEC® Stay Fresh
              • Antibacterial treatment

              • Extends the lifetime of a Bra because of less needed washes

              • Prevents reliably body-odour or skin-irritation because of sweat

              M-TEC® Strong Hold Swim Cup

              Product Characteristics

              • Shape Stability also in Wet Condition
              • No Need for Pre-moulding of Outer Fabric
              • Low Water Absorption
              • The Modern Solution instead of Non-Breathing EVA-Foam



              M-TEC® UN_WIRED NARROW

              Product Characteristics

              • Wireless BRA-cup
              • Multilayer Foam-Cup


              Product Benefits

              • Very Light - Maximum Support
              • No Electromagnetic Sar Induction
              • No Puncturing By metal Wires
              • Antistatic

                Product Characteristics

                • Wireless Bra Cup
                • Multy-Layer Foam Cup


                Product Benefits

                • Very light – maximum support
                • No electromagnetic sar induction
                • No puncturing by metal wires
                • Antistatic
                More-Head Moulding Machine

                Production technology of Bra Cups.

                Moulding machine

                The machine that is used for heat forming of the laminated foam to produce Bra Cups.


                MUEHLMEIER as company is committed and focused to the task: Competence Center for Bra Cups.

                Multi-Component-Sandwich Bra Cup

                Bra Cup made of 3D multi-layer technology. Partial moulded reinforcement inside ensures special support in required zones.


                Short form of Never Out of Stock.


                Special selection of the Best Selling M-TEC® Bra Cups. The NOS selection is offered with a low – that means 10 pairs per size – MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) in the standard colours that means mostly black, white and skin.

                One Piece Technology

                Left and right bra cup combined as one piece, with slight modification a ready made bra.

                One-Head Moulding Machine

                Moulding machine for the production of 1 pair of Bra Cup per production cycle.


                With the help of a One-Piece-Bra, the breast is shaped in one piece.

                Plunge Bra Cup

                Classic-style Bra Cup shape "with armhole" and without strap.

                Push to Fit Bra Cup

                Bra cups with special constructed size range. In one Bra Cup graduation exist Cups for size A (thick padded), size B (medium padded) and size C (only light padded).The inside volume is adapted to the different natural breast sizes. The outer shape for all cup sizes is identical.

                Push Twice Bra Cup

                These Bra Cups increase the anatomic breast size up to 2 cup-sizes.

                Push Up effect

                It is a functional padding in the Bra Cup. It increases the volume and supports the decollete. The original is called Wonder-Bra.

                Push up Inlay „Pearls“

                Bra inlay made of encapsuled polistyrol balls with special massage effect.

                Push up Inlay „Silicone-Gel“

                Light and anatomic formed silicon bra inlays for breast extension.

                Push up-Inlay „Ergonomic“

                Anatomic formed soft bra inlay of foam covered with Lycra, cotton or charmeuse in various sizes.

                Push up-Inlay „Silicone“

                Silicon bra inlays out of neutral or even colourful gel with glitter and stars in different shapes.

                Removable Bra Cup

                Special Inlay Bra Cups used in Swimwear.  The function is more giving a safe cover for the nippel, than shaping. These inlay-cups mostly are not sewn into the swimwear and can be removed.

                Seamless-One-Piece Bra Cup

                Complete bra made out of one moulded,laminated foam piece, with "bounded" seamless edges and per ultrasonic welded closures (no sewing).

                Size program

                The offered size range of a certain Bra  Cup type or of a collection in case of ready-made garments.


                Please see explanation at Multi-Components Sandwich-Bra Cup. Sling cup is with one component inlay for partial defined reinforcement of big-sized cup.

                Spacer Bra Cup „Soft Touch“

                Spacer Bra Cup out of especially soft inside cover.

                Spacer Bra Cup „Special“

                Spacer Bra Cup out of especially developed M-TEC® Spacer by MUEHLMEIER.

                Spacer Bra Cups

                Bra Cup made of SPACER fabric. Special features are lightness, breathability and white stability.

                Strap Bra Cup

                Classic-style Bra Cup shape with armhole and strap.

                Super Soft Bra Cup

                Definition used for Bra Cups which are made of Soft Foam. These cups additionally can be covered with soft fabric like "brushed" fabric to reach even better hand feel.

                Super-Soft Push up Bra Cups

                Soft foam in combination with soft hand feel cover fabric.


                MUEHLMEIER offers specially developed bra cups for swimwear

                Swimwear Industry

                The most important industry for using M-TEC® Bra Cups by MUEHLMEIER.

                Triangle Bra Cup

                Classic-style Bra Cup shape with strap. Generally used as swimwear  cup, originating from the 70th fashion.

                Underbust Measurement

                The underbust size is the most significant extent, measured below the breast, for determining the size of the bra.

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                Registered Office::
                Registration court: Weiden
                District Court Register number: HRB 3017
                Value-added tax identification number according to § 27a of the German Value-Added Tax Act: DE814575192

                Associate authorised to represent the company:
                Dipl. Kfm. Roman Mühlmeier

                Screen Design, Technical Design, Implementation with CMS Typo3 system
                C3 marketing agentur GmbH
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                E-mail: info(at)

                Disclaimer: Although we perform careful checks, we do not accept any liability for the content of external links. Only the operators of the linked pages are responsible for their content.

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                MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping GmbH
                Herr Tamas Bödöcs
                Kastanienweg 8
                D-95671 Baernau/Schwarzenbach

                Phone: +49 (0)9635 / 9219 - 0
                Fax: +49 (0)9635 / 9219 - 90

                E-Mail: bodocs(at)

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                Product themes

                Download our product themes which include a selection of our innovations and a selection out of our core assortment.

                Selection of Innovations


                DERMO CUPS

                Beaming youth inside the Bra


                PUSH TO FIT ONE VOLUME

                One great outside volume -
                perfectly fitting from A to C


                PUSH TO FIT HARMONIOUS

                The right push for the right size


                UN_WIRED NARROW

                The well-being Wireless Bra reshaped


                REAL BREAST FEEL

                A superior feel for a reasonable price



                FLEXIBLE PUSH-UP

                Each push-layer - another show off



                The Spacer Push-up


                FULL BUST CUPS

                for Full Bust & Slim Body Girls


                TRANSPARENCY CUP

                … for her sexy thrill


                WIRE FREE CUP

                Real Breast Feel & Touch "Lite Slide"


                PRINT SPACER CUP

                Design your own Spacer-print for Swimwear
                • M-TEC®


                  Readily available w/o minimum

                  These NOS BraCups are made of especially developed M-TEC® PU-Foam which is optimized for the use in Lingerie as well as Swimwear - Breathing but limited Water-Absorption.

                  MUEHLMEIER clients have the choice of different proven shapes in a Wide Size Range. This assortment is also available - in Individual Customer Colours.

                  For classic support, do not forget to ask the Corresponding Wire as standard service for all MUEHLMEIER BraCups.

                • M-TEC®

                  metalFree Wire Technology

                  ...It's all inside the revolutionary Cup construction!


                  • No Puncturing of MetalWires

                  • No Electromagnetic induction for a healthy bosom

                  • New technical inside structure

                  • Totally free of Metalwires

                • M-TEC®


                  For all day Bras

                  The Contemporary progressive Symbiosis of function and comfort. The evolving progressive support structure.


                  • Wire-Free Progressive Soft Support

                  • Stable bottom line due to inserted foam armature

                  • Progressive soft neckline for perfect adaption & comfort

                  • Bi-elastic soft Foam

                • M-TEC®

                  CASUAL ATHLEISURE

                  Mono Sports' Cup

                  The TOTAL Comfort One-Piece-Cup, possible with its Antibacterial Treatment, helps all women to STAY FRESH and Cool, even if worn as a bustier in the hot summer city or jogging on the beach.


                  The defined and pretty bustline guarantees self-confidence in Sports-look!

                • M-TEC®

                  ATHLEISURE SPORTS CUP

                  Cup for Medium Level Activities

                  A cup for medium level activities. The “Comfortable Firm Hold” Strap Cup out of Soft Foam and Ultrafine Cover wraps the bust smoothly and safe.

                  The female contours are well shaped.

                • M-TEC®

                  SPORTIVE SPORTS CUP

                  Cup for Maximum Level Activities

                  Thanks to its anatomically shaped Polycarbonat Shovel the Ergonomic Power Support Cup is the best solution to support the bust with strong holding power at high level sports.


                  • No pinching or punching wires
                  • No electromagnetic Induction
                  • Maximum wearing comfort
                  • Pleasant Bust-line of moulded BraCup

                • M-TEC®

                  REAL BREAST FEEL

                  Multilayer PushUp Padding

                  The unique combination of different materials, like Soft-Foam, Memory- Foam, Gel-PushUp or Fibre-Core in a layered 3D-structure allows the creation of natural breastlike structure.

                  Inside covered with “brushed fabric” the BraCup gets its supersoft unbeatable M-Tec® quality handfeel.


                • M-TEC®

                  THE ADD-ON VALUE BraCup

                  How to upgrade your Bra with Benefits of the M-BraCup

                  To expand the advantage of a well-fitting Cup-Shape-Pattern, MUEHLMEIER offers to change just material components to produce cups with different hand feel and appearances – using one proven shape!

                  Mix and match of different Cup Core composites and different fabrics create an altogether new BraCup model without costly developments.

                  ADDED VALUE can be a Stay Fresh Treatment, or possitioning yourself ecologically with alternative No Foam Core Materials.

                • M-TEC®

                  SOFT UN_WIRED SUPPORT

                  Ergonomic Power Support

                  The Multi-Purpose Cup in Sports and Swimwear without pinching or punching wires.

                  • Comfortable Wear and Reliable Holding-Power
                  • Anatomically formed Polycarbonate Shovel
                  • Well shaped Bustline with deep volume



                • M-TEC®

                  WHITE & PURE BraCup

                  UU-Fibre Cup - Free of foam!

                  These MUEHLMEIER's "State of the Art" BraCups from UU-Fibre 3D-Technology are soft, light, breathable and white-stable.

                  The "Free of Foam" construction with it's permanent dissipation of humidity and body warmth guarantees the perfect body heat regulation.

                • M-TEC® NOS

                  MUEHLMEIER SPACER

                  "Naked free" breast feel

                  MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping is the specialist for BraCups out of Spacer fabrics.
                  Constantly new developments stand for innovative Spacer Cup solutions. The "Free of Foam" material convinces with extraordinary wearing comfort:

                  •  Airy,"Naked Free" Feel Comfort Spacer quality
                  •  Natural holding functionality
                  •  Remarkable heat regulation

                • M-TEC®

                  PushUp SPACER

                  With a Polyester Fibre Padding

                  Here comes the next evolution of breathing and ultralight Bra-Cups. The M-Tec® PushUp Spacer Cup adds a Push-Up to its thermoformed fabric layers, all made from 100% PES. The combination of PES and 3D-fabrics delivers an unmatched light and fresh feeling on the skin, even at high temperatures. Therefore the M-Tec® PushUp Spacer is also perfect for swimwear, because the special Spacer-Quality guarantees fast drying and best stability in wet conditions 


                • M-TEC®

                  PRINT SPACER CUP

                  Design your own Spacer-prints
                  for Swimwear

                  Finally the Revolution: Moulded and printed Spacer Fabric for a new dimension of Swimwear

                  • Individual Print Spacer design with a MOQ of 450 meters

                  • No fabric cover needed, Cups are “Ready to use” as Bikini Top

                  • Minimal water absorption

                  • Quick drying

                  • Opaque nipple cover in wet condition

                • M-TEC®

                  Jacquard Spacer BraCup

                  Out of Spacer with Ornamental Jacquard Patterns

                  The new proposal within the Spacer Cup Range is the “High Street” finished SpacerCup. These cups show an up-scale finishing. Ready for final use, lingerie brands can benefit from less workmanship.

                • M-TEC®

                  FULL BUST SLIM BODY

                  With no Bust enlarging Effect

                  The latest BraCup development responds to the growing BraCup demands for Full Bust & Slim Body Girls. It was an ambitious target to realize best-fitting BraCups with big volume but no bust enlarging-effect. The engineers of MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping developed the Full Bust Cups in:


                  • Special Full Size graduation for slim band

                  • Nice round and natural appearance

                  • Light and thin material composition

                  • Sufficient holding power

                • M-TEC®

                  LOTUS REPELLENT SWIM CUP

                  Anti-Wet MUEHLMEIER Technology

                  M-TEC® Lotus BraCups are cups with Water-Repellent treatment. Enabling the drop-off of water from the cup. A Dry Skin Feeling convinces the woman to prefer swimwear with repellent effect. The repellent adaption is available for all swim cup shapes within the MUEHLMEIER BraCup range.

                • M-TEC® 

                  SPECIAL TREATMENT

                  Beaming you inside the Bra

                  BraCups with Added Value. The combination of Well-fitting BraCups and Enriching Treatment, is the “Women’s Favourites” for Lingerie and Swimwear.
                  Modern women learn to get Added Values on the sensible breast. Choose from Anti-Aging SkinCare or Stay Fresh Anti-Bacterial treatment.


                THE SECRET 

                BEHIND HER


                DISCOVER IT
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                MUEHLMEIER is exhibiting in the following fairs.


                Interfiliere Paris: 19.01. – 21.01.2019


                Munich Fabric Start: 29.01. – 31.01.2019


                ISPO München: 03.02. – 06.02.2019


                Premiére Vision Paris: 12.02. – 14.02.2019


                Textille Prom Moskau: 19.02. – 22.02.2019


                SIUF Brand Underwear, Shenzhen: 19.04. – 21.04.2019


                Interfiliere Paris: 07.07. – 09.07.2019


                Munich Fabric Start: 03.09. – 05.09.2019


                Première Vision Paris: 17.09. – 19.09.2019


                Mare di Moda Cannes: 05.11. – 07.11.2019



                A word from our director Roman Muehlmeier.

                Bodyshaping means for me a sort of sculpting Body-Cosmetics. Individual breast shaping for the needs

                of each woman.

                Download "Interview with Roman Muehlmeier"

                MOULD DEVELOPMENT. German engineering enables rapid and precise mould creation. Tailormade.

                Whether it is for prototyping or a fast reaction to new market demands, MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping has the

                right answer to the special needs of its customers.


                State-of-the-art CNC-technology provides MUEHLMEIER with the ability of an unbelievable fast mould creation process. Within short time, the team goes from designing to producing.


                With years of experience in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the highest standards of technology on

                hand, always ready for the tailor-made market response in product development and production right away.


                In cooperation with the customers, this effective MUEHLMEIER technology turns the idea of Custom-Made Bra-Cups from a high investment in a cost effective reality.


                Download "Professional components´ branding"



                Professional components´ branding. Creating a competitive edge and building momentum. Together.

                Intel inside. Just two words on your PC or Laptop. But also a promise for the power and reliability of the computer. As far away the worlds of computers and lingerie seem, this is still one of the best examples of successful Co-Branding.

                The idea of a competitive advantage built on the component`s qualification of a brand partner is found in nearly every branch. And the number of Co-Branding-Partnerships rises, since products got more comparable with the rise of the internet. A lot of manufacturers - from cars to electronics - tried and still try to focus on aggressive pricing. But this is a field of competition, where Europeans and Americans can`t win on in the long term. We have to concentrate on our true strengths, like quality, reliability and innovation. And we have to tell this to our customers - over and over.

                We must give them the chance to learn about our efforts to provide them with products they love. Their faith in brands is the promise we have to fulfill.

                Download "Professional components´ branding"



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                MUEHLMEIER stands for Bodyshaping.MUEHLMEIER BODYSHAPING and BODYSTYLING is near to You.
                MUEHLMEIER understands the anatomy of the female and male body like no other supplier of Bodyshaping products for the fashion industry. The 3 dimensional moulding technology, as it is applied by MUEHLMEIER in combination with CNC machines, is based on the precision of the German Art of Engineering. The used foam type is especially certified and selected according to the specific product requirements.Above all this means that MUEHLMEIER delivers tested quality that is recognized as technologically advanced by the customer. On the basis of the technological possibilities and the closeness to the market, MUEHLMEIER continuously develops innovations in product design. Predominant is the optimization of defined Body Shapes. MUEHLMEIER’s position as the Bodyshaping Specialist - with the focus on special 3D Cups - within the supply chain is supported by extraordinary promotional tools.
                MUEHLMEIER becomes a Brand.MUEHLMEIER is always close to the Customer.
                Industry and consumers recognize the high product standard, which is guaranteed by MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping BraCups Inside. With its strive for perfection, MUEHLMEIER is and becomes the leading partner in the European Lingerie, Swimwear and Fashion Industry in its product field.Because MUEHLMEIER is internationally present at all famous trade shows, professional and competent contact persons from within the company structure are close to the international customers. The system of representatives in main producing countries keeps the individual contact to the customer. Therefore, customized developments can be handled smoothly.
                MUEHLMEIER is by definition a service organization that cares about every customer-related detail.
                MUEHLMEIER products are produced in Eastern Europe as well as in Asia, to be close to the fashion industry. MUEHLMEIER uses its Bodyshaping competence and transfers it to the affiliated.
                MUEHLMEIER product divisions:
                • BRACUPS
                • SHOULDER PADS
                • ARTDECO Bodystyling adornments.



                Bra-Cups, Shoulder Pads and ArtDeco by MUEHLMEIER BODYSHAPING

                TRADE & DESIGNER 
                ORDER HERE


                BraCup Guide 2019/20



                BODYSHAPING MAGAZIN 2014



                BODYSHAPING MAGAZIN 2013






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