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75 Years Anniversary
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MUEHLMEIER celebrates 75 Years!

MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping celebrates 75 years!

From a bold BraCup vision to a pioneer for component innovation and sustainability



For decades, MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping has been a creative and driving force in the international fashion industry as renowned BraCup supplier. The dedication of the company to optimize its products is appreciated by world-famous fashion brands. The quality and innovation for the best functionality meets international standards.

MUEHLMEIER has also made a name for itself with strategic marketing foresight and close cooperation with its international business partners and customers. As a family-run company, MUEHLMEIER attaches great importance to sustainable and socially responsible actions.

The beginnings

The family business MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping was founded in 1949 by Alwin H.J. Mühlmeier. It has evolved from a traditional mother-of-pearl button business with a bold new vision under the leadership of Roman Mühlmeier into a pioneer in fashion component innovation and marketing.

The company has its origins in Bärnau on the Bavarian-Czech border, which has always been a region for fashion supply. Today the company is one of the world's leading suppliers of highly functional molded BraCups for women's underwear, swimwear, sports and occasion bras. MUEHLMEIER has actively shaped this market.

Roman Mühlmeier joined his father's business in 1984 and used his long-standing access to the fashion industry for the new ShoulderPad business model. Within just a few years, the company became the second largest supplier of shoulder pads in Germany. The customer base became increasingly international.

From 1990 onwards the company concentrated more and more on the production of BraCups. With Julian Mühlmeier, the third generation is now actively and sustainably shaping the company.

The M-BraCup has the magical potential to create the ideal breast line and optimal feel-good shape

“We work in a very emotional professionclose to the woman’s heart. And the well-being of women is the maxim of the demands that the MUEHLMEIER brand places on itself. It inspires us to continually improve the quality and supportive fit of our M-BraCups.

We develop products which are women's daily companions. It is therefore important to us to meet the needs of our industrial brand-customers precisely and to contribute to women’s quality of life.”

Roman Mühlmeier, General Manager


MUEHLMEIER became one of the first manufacturers of BraCups for “Wonder Bras”. Under the leadership of Roman Mühlmeier, innovative BraCups were developed which are constantly optimized with new benefits. The M-TEC® BraCups became a brand and the company expanded internationally with core markets in Western and Eastern Europe.

75 years of location commitment

In 1990, the new branch in Schwarzenbach, 6 km from the main plant in Bärnau, began operations with around 30 employees. In 1995, Alwin Mühlmeier retired from company management.

Under the leadership of Roman Mühlmeier, the factory in Schwarzenbach became as MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping GmbH a competence center for ShoulderPads and BraCups!

The Schwarzenbach location has been gradually undergoing sustainable updating: photovoltaic system on the roof, wood chip heating, LED lighting, e-mobility.

With a focus on the freedom of female expression “Freedom Cups” and a pioneering spirit to become a recognized component brand

Push-up bra cups have been a super sexy hype for female show-offs since 1997. It was only in the following years that it became clear what a major role a “perfect” BraCup always plays in the overall feel-good package of the bra,” reports Roman Mühlmeier, who already recognized in a early stage, that the cup was the most important purchasing criterion for the bra purchase by the end consumer in terms of fit and support.

Big new players in the market like Calzedonia and Lise Charmel became important ambassadors for the use of “anatomical Push-Up Cups”. Some German brands, until then more focused on daywear, saw the potential of the M-BraCups to broaden the product range.

With its bra cup know-how, MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping has helped a whole series of companies such as Mey, Speidel, Huber and Wolford achieve corsetry status. Corresponding new business areas opened up for these companies. Others, such as DaCapo and Moritz Hendel, distinguished themselves as specialists in “well-groomed busts” with precisely fitting, thin, large-sized cups from MUEHLMEIER.

In 2010, a visionary campaign was launched “The Secret behind HER Secret”. The end consumer is informed at specialist retailers about the innovative inner qualities of the bras and the unique product properties of the BraCups from MUEHLMEIER.

This was the start of sustainably successful component branding and many fruitful strategic collaborations with well-known brand customers. They have recognized and learned to appreciate the advantages of a common “brand within the brand” marketing and value-added communication of “M-BraCup INSIDE” as an additional promise of quality.

MUEHLMEIER successfully practices a marketing concept that first became established in the 90s and follows in the footsteps of well-known component branding examples such as Intel, Lycra or Gore-Tex.

Sustainability as part of the company philosophy

The urge to break new ground, feel real trends and not let challenges stop you is just as alive at MUEHLMEIER today as it was back then. The strong awareness of ecological and social issues was already part of the company philosophy.

Back in 2013, MUEHLMEIER introduced a BraCup made of PES monomaterial that can be 100% recycled, in the monomaterial PES bra. The “White & P.U.R.E.” M-BraCup.

With the entry of Julian Mühlmeier in 2019, MUEHLMEIER has broken new ground as a sustainability pioneer. The company offers its customers a toolbox of recyclable and biodegradable BraCups and ShoulderPads (from 100% recycled or 100% recyclable to 100% biobased) in which the customer can find the sustainable product solution that suits them best.

In addition to these solutions, MUEHLMEIER offers cost-effective, easy-to-implement product solutions, such as BraCups with recycled cover fabric material for the first steps in eco-optimization. In addition, a CO₂ balance is carried out regularly to optimize the supply chain, from which concrete actions for optimization are derived.

MUEHLMEIER is also committed to the highest norms. All MUEHLMEIER products have the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard seal, meaning they are free from banned or regulated pollutants and chemicals that are harmful to health. Additionally, MUEHLMEIER holds the GRS certification.

Strong together

Joint commitment and cooperation play a major role at MUEHLMEIER. The mid-size company works internationally closely with various partners both commercially and with CRS projects to drive positive changes.

For many years, the Target e.V. Rüdiger Nehberg Foundation has been supported with donations, which is dedicated to the fight against female genital mutilation.

In 2022, the company and its employees took part in the democracy initiative for the business world project by the Business Council for Democracy. Furthermore, many local initiatives are supported, such as the Bavarian film project Hundslinger Wedding or the regional theater association.

Milestones 75 years MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping

  • Founded in 1949 by Alwin H.J. Mühlmeier in Bärnau/Bavaria
  • In 1984 Roman Mühlmeier joined his father’s business. The company developed into the second largest supplier of shoulder pads in Germany.
  • In 1990 the new branch in Schwarzenbach began operations. Focusing on producing BraCups. MUEHLMEIER is one of the first manufacturers for „Wonder Bras“.
  • In 1995 Alwin H.J. Mühlmeier withdraws from management and the new MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping GmbH develops into a competence center for ShoulderPads and BraCups under the leadership of Roman Mühlmeier.
  • 2000 the M-TEC® BraCups become a brand.
  • 2010 Component Branding Campaign „The Secret behind HER Secret”
  • 2011 The company opens up the Asian market and starts sales and distribution activities in China
  • In 2013 the first sustainable BraCups were developed.
  • 2016 Successful JGO home shopping activities in Korea.
  • 2018 founding of MUEHLMEIER Shanghai Trading Company Ltd.
  • In 2019, the 3rd generation with Julian Mühlmeier is shaping the future of the company.
  • 2019 Toolbox of recylable and biodegradable BraCups.
  • 2024 Strategic partnership with the Turkish BraCup producer JUMO (German Engineering & Turkish Production)
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