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The MUEHLMEIER Co-Branding Offer

Added-value Communications – Discover how we can create value together with the "M-Bra Cup Advantage INSIDE" …

MUEHLMEIER Support for Fashion Brands and Retailers

The most effective sales tool is being able to clearly present a unique selling proposition and convincing key arguments to the female buyer of the Bra.

We provide our business partners with a range of support services to help derive maximum value from MUEHLMEIER Bra Cup products and to clearly communicate the "M-Bra Cup Advantage INSIDE". We have a shared interest in gaining consumer attention. Their appreciation of the benefits of MUEHLMEIER Bra Cups add extra power to even the strongest Lingerie, Activewear or Swimwear Brands.

MUEHLMEIER's HangTags clearly communicate the M-BraCup Advantage INSIDE - example


Added Value to convince your Customers

The eye-catching Bra design that stops them in the aisle is yours… but we can help with what comes next. When female shoppers stop to take a closer look, our hangtags offer more good reasons to buy. We provide hangtags in different versions or we can work with you to create customized hangtags that support your brand or specific promotional campaigns.

Our aim is to respond as precisely as possible to your business needs. Start a conversation with our marketing responsible to learn more about how we can help.

The MUEHLMEIER Co-Branding Communications to your Brand customers:

  • MUEHLMEIER BraCups offer one Clearly Communicated Benefit as a Positive Message to the customer
  • The additional positive product features of the bra are appreciated by the female buyer
  • If clearly stated to the customer these features mean: "Add-on Bra Value for the Brand"
  • We propose to communicate this „Add-on Value“ at the POS by HandTags.
  • The positive product preference allows higher price mark-up
  • Creative and financial support by MUEHLMEIER Consulting for joint use of Communicative Instruments

The 4-Point Offer with M-Bra Cup USP Support:

The MUEHLMEIER Co-Branding Competence Center can follow up as your media partner, including support in print media and social media, in order to win the customers attention at all touch points and deliver the right message. For further information we would appreciate your getting in contact with us.

M-BraCup Co-Branding Benefit for the brand partner including support in print media and social media

Our growing family of Co-Branding Partners which already benefit from this concept:

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