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M-BraCup Details
Airy SPACER Premium Padding with airy feeling & light pricing

Airy Spacer

Airy Feeling, Light Pricing

If you are looking for a premium BraCup for a competitive price, we would like to introduce you to our latest addition to our offering. Muehlmeier’s Airy Spacer Padding makes a natural feeling accessible for every woman – for a light price.

Muehlmeier is a family-owned engineering company established in 1949, that operates on the forefront of innovating breastshaping products. With this latest development, Muehlmeier has succeeded to create a compatible breast padding that is available for a highly competitive price, without compromising in terms of comfort, softness and breathability.

Natural breast feel & free of foam

We have designed our Airy Spacer Padding in order to give every brand operating in a highly competitive market the opportunity to offer end-consumers all the benefits of a premium quality BraCup. Muehlmeier’s Airy Spacer Padding provides an exceptional natural breast feel, is both light and breathable and is even free of foam.

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Summary of our Airy SPACER padding

- Natural Breast Feel
- Light and breathable
- Competitive pricing
- Free of foam

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