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M-BraCup Details
M-TEC® Spacer BraCups - Free of Foam

M-TEC® Spacer BraCups

Naked Feel Free Breast

Muehlmeier is the specialist for BraCups out of Spacer fabrics and is constantly extending its range of SPACER BraCups with new innovative proposals. The airy, naked feel SPACER quality and new skin-colours blending in perfectly with the skin-colour of the female user create a pure NUDE Look sensuality.

The "free of foam" material convinces with extraordinay wearing comfort plus the following product benefits:

  • Natural breast feel and reliable hold, also for bigger sizes
  • Delicate fabric – no bust-enlarging eff ect
  • High breathability, outstanding temperature control
  • Bright colour stability


To top the look of the sustainable product strategy, MUEHLMEIER has introduced the natural breast look of M-TEC® Nude Look BraCup. In combination with Transparent Lace and Spacer you can create the pure NUDE Look sensuality for different coloured BraCup skin tones, to fit the variations of skin tones of women around the world. Finding the adapted skin tone “look through” lingerie to go with T-shirts or wedding dresses is no longer a problem.

M-TEC® Spacer BraCups Visual description icon

New Alternatives for professional Spacer Finished Bras with the strongly-demanded MUEHLMEIER Spacer

The new proposal within the Spacer Cup Range is the Semi-Finished Bra with special haptical or visual qualities. These cups show the needed upscale finishing in one layer construction. Ready for final use, lingerie brands can benefit from less workmanship. Even providing a very resonable cost-advantage. No need for additional cover. Muehlmeier offers BraCups with different Spacer In- and Outside Appearance and Handfeels for this new interesting opportunity in Bra Style & Feel. Spacer Cups in Transparent or Jacquard Optic create high-end Bras. Below you find the various material options for a Semi-Finished Spacer Bra.

The code in the bracket is the material code for each material option. The Muehlmeier Marketing will be happy to support you in promoting Spacer BraCups.

M-TEC® Spacer BraCups Topseller Spacer Cup HH60264-s8V


Multifilament (sAA)

Multifilament (sAA) Design Spacer BraCup

The two outer fabric layers are connected by a layer of extra soft pile threads adding to the smooth Spacer quality

Opaque (sDD)

Opaque (sDD) Design Spacer BraCup

Provides opaque nipple cover also in wet condition. Perfect for Swimwear Bras

Brushed (sSs)

Brushed (sSs) Design Spacer BraCup

Supersoft Touch&Feel, perfect for Lingerie Bras, smooth inner fabric, gentle on the skin

Transparent Optic (sNN)

Transparent Optic (sNN) Design M-Tec Spacer BraCup

Airy textile structure and slight transparency of the BraCup

Embossed Optic (sDe)

Embossed Optic (sDe) Design M-Tec Spacer BraCup

By heat and pressure different patterns are embossed into the BraCup, individual patterns possible


Jacquard Optic (sjs)

Jacquard Optic (sjs) Material Nr.: 100 Spacer BraCup
Material Nr.: 100
Jacquard Optic (sjs) Material Nr.: 101 Spacer BraCup
Material Nr.: 101
Jacquard Optic (sjs) Material Nr.: 102 Spacer BraCup
Material Nr.: 102
Jacquard Optic (sjs) Material Nr.: 103 Spacer BraCup
Material Nr.: 103
Jacquard Optic (sjs) Material Nr.: 103 Spacer BraCup
Material Nr.: 104


You are searching for a premium SPACER padding with a competitive price?

Have a look at our Airy SPACER here with natural breast feel & free of foam!

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