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M-BraCup Details
M-TEC® Swim- and Beachwear BraCups with Low Water Absorption

M-TEC® Swim- and Beachwear BraCups

Low Water Absorption

MUEHLMEIER’s goal, to provide all Swimwear brands with BraCups in different proven shapes, optimized for Swimwear in regards of low water absorption or fast drying is realized by different Material solutions within the Swimwear BraCup Collection.

There is also a special Water Repellent Treatment available for Swim BraCups: M-TEC® Lotus AntiWet. This treatment ensures Dry Skin Feeling and Easy Water Drop-off. Proven use by well-known Swimwear Brands.

M-TEC® Swim- and Beachwear BraCups - Best Fit for every Female Bust example
  • Gel-inlay padding - free of water absorption
  • Limited increase of weight in wet condition
  • Natural pushing effect
  • Recommended with Lotus Anti Wet cover
  • Strong pressed foam for reduced water absorption
  • High shape stability, also in wet condition
  • No need to mould the fabric for covering
  • Also available in Strap shape

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