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M-BraCup Details
M-TEC® Upgraded BraCup Padding - Adding Value to Upgrade your Bra


M-TEC® Upgraded BraCups

Adding Value to Upgrade your Bra

This product concept allows the customer to Upgrade his "well-fitting proven BraCup shape" with a choice of "added values" in his BraCup.


  • Comfort Enhanced BraCups - Special Upgrades with new product benefits by M-TEC® Lotus AntiWet Treatment for Swim BraCups or M-TEC® Stay Fresh Treatment for Activewear BraCups
  • Touch & Feel BraCups - „The soft is the new sexy“ by upgrading the cover fabric with ultrafine or brushed fabric. The customer feels the exceptional softness right away compared to a BraCup with standard cover.
  • Real Breast Soothing BraCups - Metal and WireFree Comfort is very popular with consumers. For a strikingly better, smooth and breast-adapted wearing comfort by foam upgrade with soft, memory or bi-elastic foam this is the right choice.
  • ECO-Optimized BraCups - If you want to benefit from exceptional BraCup features, help to reduce the ecological footprint of the fashion industry and boost your competitve edge, you can choose from different concepts
M-TEC® Upgraded BraCups design example

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