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Muehlmeier Co-Branding Activity with Timo from czech republic
December 16, 2020

Best Practice Example of our Co-Branding Activities

MUEHLMEIER pays a lot of attention to Co-Branding activities with its brand customers. The most effective sales tool is being able to clearly present a unique selling proposition and convincing key arguments to the female buyers of the Bra.

We provide our business partners with a range of support services to help derive maximum value from MUEHLMEIER BraCup products and to clearly communicate the "M-BraCup Advantage INSIDE". We have a shared interest in gaining consumer attention. Their appreciation of the benefits of MUEHLMEIER BraCups add extra power to even the strongest Lingerie, Activewear or Swimwear Brands.

Thank you TIMO for this awesome promotion with our M-BraCups INSIDE on your webshop!

Check it out for yourself here


MUEHLMEIER in the international premium magazine Textile Network
December 1, 2020

MUEHLMEIER in the international premium magazine Textile Network…

Our Muehlmeier SPACER innovation Airy SPACER is among the exiting and worth knowing topics all around the textile world.

Textile Network is an international info network that sheds light on the entire textile chain from the fiber to the finished product.

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Airy Feeling - light pricing. The new Airy Spacer BraCup Padding for every woman
September 1, 2020

Muehlmeier makes premium padding accessible for every woman

Muehlmeier is a family-owned engineering company established in 1949, that operates on the forefront of innovating breastshaping products. With this latest development, Muehlmeier has succeeded to create a compatible breast padding that is available for a highly competitive price, without compromising in terms of comfort, softness and breathability.

Airy feeling, light pricing
Muehlmeier has designed the Airy Spacer Padding in order to give every brand operating in a highly competitive market the opportunity to offer its end-consumers all the benefits of a premium quality BraCup. Muehlmeier’s Airy Spacer Padding provides an exceptional natural breast feel, is both light and breathable and is even free of foam. Muehlmeier’s Airy Spacer Padding makes a natural feeling accessible for every woman – for a light price.

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