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Airy Feeling - light pricing. The new Airy Spacer BraCup Padding for every woman
September 1, 2020

Muehlmeier makes premium padding accessible for every woman

Muehlmeier is a family-owned engineering company established in 1949, that operates on the forefront of innovating breastshaping products. With this latest development, Muehlmeier has succeeded to create a compatible breast padding that is available for a highly competitive price, without compromising in terms of comfort, softness and breathability.

Airy feeling, light pricing
Muehlmeier has designed the Airy Spacer Padding in order to give every brand operating in a highly competitive market the opportunity to offer its end-consumers all the benefits of a premium quality BraCup. Muehlmeier’s Airy Spacer Padding provides an exceptional natural breast feel, is both light and breathable and is even free of foam. Muehlmeier’s Airy Spacer Padding makes a natural feeling accessible for every woman – for a light price.

MUEHLMEIERs revolutionary new M-iFoam Padding with toxin-free materials
September 1, 2020

Muehlmeier launches revolutionary toxin-free M-iFoam Padding

Treat the planet like you treat yourself
Muehlmeier’s revolutionary M-iFoam Padding is made of toxin-free materials, friendly to both the skin and the planet. Muehlmeier’s innovative M-iFoam Padding consists of a unique perforated structure that provides excellent moisture absorption and high breathability. Muehlmeier has developed its M-iFoam Padding to offer climate conscious clients a stable, high-quality product that is free of toxins.

Soft for the planet, soft on your skin
The benefits of Muehlmeier’s M-iFoam Padding are two-fold; the first upside is that it provides Muehlmeier’s clients with the advantage of a more environmentally friendly produced option. The second upside is that it gives the end-consumer a soft and skin-friendly feeling with an excellent touch. This is why we say that Muehlmeier’s M-iFoam Padding is as soft for the planet as it is soft on your skin.

The new M-Shoulders with volume look by active sculpting, power dressing and eighties hype
March 11, 2020

Hyping the NEW M-Shoulders

Female Power Dressing, ladies blazers, dresses or overcoats with expressive shoulders: Oversized silhouettes, masculine looks in combination with slim tailoring are the must-haves in today’s fashion.

MUEHLMEIER has tuned into the current mega trends „Volume-Look by Active Sculpting“„Power Dressing“„Eighties Hype“ and has redefined its collection of M-ShoulderPads based on the called-up new shoulder lines.

Check out our great NEW M-Shoulders and let yourself be inspired…




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