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M-ShoulderPads - Special Shapes for all types of Garment

M-ShoulderPads - Special Shapes

Special Shapes for all types of Garment

MUEHLMEIER comes from a ShoulderPads manufacturing tradition of 30 years, knowing how to create the right shoulder-flow and the desired stability out of a selected composition of materials.

The young MUEHLMEIER is tuning into the current mega trend „Active Sculpting of the Volume-Look“. The growing number of requests from creative designers around the world has motivated MUEHLMEIER to completely redefine its collection of M-ShoulderPads based on the called-up new shoulder lines.

Make a new statement… with M-Shoulder Padding… take advantage of Volume-Look and more creativity!

Boldly feminine or masculine

New M-Shoulders

New Shoulder Couture is an unexplored mode of creative freedom and a platform for innovation. From high pointed to puff, more accentuated shoulder pads are always a hit with women and men who want to make a fashion statement.
Shoulder pads not only offer another spectrum of possibilities in dressmaking, they also bring some kind of architecture into fashion, an expression of beauty on the highest aesthetic and qualitative levels. Let yourself be inspired by our new shapes of M-ShoulderPads.

Perfect enhancement for traditional silhouettes

Traditional M-Shoulders

Shoulder pads are traditionally used to alter the natural shape of the shoulder line. They can give the illusion of a much-broader shoulder, more square or rounded, or soft ened shoulder line. Anatomically, shoulder pads are generally for people with narrow or sloping shoulders. Shoulder pads will be necessary in the Volume-Look for a suit or blazer in oder to build up a natural proportion with the overflow of fabric. Discover our collection of M-ShoulderPads for traditional shoulder lines.

Boosting the masculine appearance

Men´s M-Shoulders

Depending on the respective fashion trend, the padding will diff er in thickness, surface, size and shape. Generally the Men’s pads are constructed out of a core of homogenous cotton wadding, combined with diff erent layers of strong linings (for example Horse Hair enforcement). The special feature of Men’s pads are adhesive points on the upper layer to fix the pads by heat at the inner side of the shoulder area of the jacket. For Men’s Sportswear jackets, MUEHLMEIER offers M-ShoulderPads with PES-core, covered with innerlining. For easy care these pads are home washable.

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