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About - Sustainability

Protect Mother Earth – She feeds you…

About - Sustainability

"The task I have set myself is, to show our earth as the mother who has given birth to us and who tells us to cherish and to preserve for future generations. We are but a link in the chain and therefore all bound to take responsibility for Mother Earth. I am delighted to welcome any business partner who shares this philosophy and who has the same aspirations."
(Roman Mühlmeier, CEO MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping GmbH)


MUEHLMEIER approaches sustainability...

...from different perspectives and along the entire value chain:


Developing new products

The ambitious product development goal of Muehlmeier is to have at least 50% ECO-optimized products in the BraCups collection for the Lingerie, Swim- and Activewear markets by 2022. And the company lives up to its innovative claim and its feeling of responsibility for Mother Earth. On the occasion of the IFL Fair in Paris in July 2019, Muehlmeier has introduced the new sustainable product concept, M-TEC® ECO-Optimized BraCups, also responding to the aspiration of the new ecological market.


Improve and optimize

It is one thing to develop eco-friendly products, it is another to improve the value chain taking sustainability aspects into account. Muehlmeier was able to reorganise the production and optimize working processes in order to launch more effective, humane and environmentally-friendly production, and to save energy and resources. The production cycles have been designed with environmental processes in mind – step by step from development through to delivery to the customer.

For all recycled materials, MUEHLMEIER uses GRS certified material/fabric.

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Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for MUEHLMEIER BraCups
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