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Sustainable ECO-Optimized BraCups

MUEHLMEIER is trusted by the leading brands in the Lingerie, Swim- and Sportswear Industry because of its absolutely dependable BraCup supply, personalized customer service, flexibility, reliable partnerships and trendsetting product innovations. Sustainability is becoming the key factor for the consumer’s buying decision in the fashion industry. The ambitious Sustainability Goal of Muehlmeier Bodyshaping ist o have at least 50% ECO-Optimized products in the BraCup collection by 2022.

For the A/W 2020-21 collections, Muehlmeier has introduced the following new sustainable product concepts, the M-TEC® ECO-Optimized BraCups:

M-TEC® Recycle to Upcycle BraCups

Using recycled synthetic materials to reduce sea plastic waste

One of the highlight in this range is the M-TEC® BraCup with cover fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. With a total weight of 11 g for a Strap Cup (without PushUp) the cover fabric accounts for 8 g of the total weight. This means that in average 70% of the cup can be made from recycled polyester. Quite a huge step to reduce the ecological footprint for BraCups and reduce sea plastic waste.

M-TEC® BraCup with cover fabric made from 100% recycled Polyester

A further eco-friendly approach is the M-TEC® Spacer BraCup made from 50% recycled PES.

M-TEC® Spacer BraCup made from 50% recycled PES

M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCups

"One-Material-Concept" to recycle polyester fibre

A fully recyclable and eco-friendly „One-Material“ bra consisting completely out of 100% recyclable PES would be a big step forward. With the M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCup, made from 100% polyester, MUEHLMEIER takes the first step towards this "One-Material-Concept".

In addition, the 3D honeycomb structure material allows the BraCup to breath. Its dehumidification, cooler and air-permeable properties keep the skin comfortable, maintain the skin respiratory ecology, and relieve the skin from sweating.

  • High breathability and heat regulation
  • The BraCup core is made of 100% PES U.U-Fibre or recycled polyester
  • Recyclable for "One-Material-Bra-Concept"
  • White-Stability and free of foam
M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCups

M-TEC® Coffee POWER BraCups

Boost Organic Upcycling from coffee grounds to save Fossils

The great potential of coffee grounds, from huge coffee brewing residues, powers ecologically by upcycling into synthetics with surprisingly exceptional performance features:

  • Quick Dry Function, for cooler feel during activity
  • Lasting Odor Control, no Wash-out Effect
  • UV-Protection, by long-lasting natural and chemical-free shield
  • Highly functional, comfortable and eco-friendly

The lifecycle of coffee beans does not end after you grind the beans and drink the coffee. What was once thought as waste turns into fully functional eco-friendly textiles and is upcycled into BraCups from MUEHLMEIER.

M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCups
coffee beans
M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCups
coffee grounds
M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCups
mixed with polymer from recycled polyester
M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCups
yarn / fabrics
M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCups
foam based on polymerized coffee oil
M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. BraCups

All M-TEC® Removable BraCups can be made from coffee-powered materials.

M-TEC® Removable to Recycle BraCups

Flexible BraCup separation for easy recycling

One key factor of the recycling process is that the different material components can be separated easily without incurring major costs. MUEHLMEIER offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for sustainable Swim- and Beachwear, Athleisure and Activewear: The new M-TEC® Removable BraCups. The range has been professionalized and extended to all classical BraCup shapes. Regularly they are available on the basis of Recycled PES or organic-based materials, too.

  • Predestined for individual and flexible "In & Out use"
  • New: All main BraCup shapes are supplied as removable
  • Easy removing from product and recollection for recycling
M-TEC® Removable to Recycle BraCups
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