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Sustainable and ECO-Optimized Bra Cups

Sustainable & ECO-Optimized Bra Cups

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MUEHLMEIER is ambitiously developing opportunities to use sustainable fibers and foams for its innovative Bra Cup components. Our Target is to have at least 50% ECO-Optimized products in the Bra Cup collection by 2022 and to make a substantial contribution to a circular economy.

Based on the Principles of Circular Economy, MUEHLMEIER works on technical cycles like recycling, upcycling and cradle-to-cradle, and looks into the technical side of potential solutions to give a base for the customers to design products that can be easily maintained, reused, refurbished and upcycled.

But beyond that, MUEHLMEIER also looks into the biological cycles like biodegradability or “energy from waste” to develop Bra Cups that can be brought back into the natural system to give back ideally its energy as fertilizer.

Hand in hand with our ecological responsible customers, who want to ECO-optimize their Bras and Tops, MUEHLMEIER strives to achieve a new sustainable material-base and to develop sustainable products to reduce the ecological footprint of the fashion industry!

We offer several product strategies of sustainable advancement:

1. M-TEC® 100% recycled PES Bra Cup

“One-Material-Concept” to upcycle the complete bra
M-TEC® Recycle to Reduce the user of new fossils Strategy

A fully recycled and eco-friendly „One-Material“ bra consisting completely out of 100% recycled PES would be a big step forward. With the M-TEC® White & P.U.R.E. Bra Cup, made from 100% recycled polyester (raw materials are GRS certified), MUEHLMEIER takes the first step towards this „One-Material-Concept“.
In addition, the 3D honeycomb wadding structure allows the Bra Cup to breath. Its dehumidification, cooling and air-permeable properties maintain the skin respiratory ecology, and relieve the skin from sweating. Since the Bra Cup is free of foam, longtime white stability is guaranteed.


M-TEC® Removable to Recycle BraCups

2. M-TEC® 100% recycled PES Cover fabric

Using recycled synthetic materials to reduce plastic waste
M-TEC® One Material PolyesterFibre Strategy

One of the highlights and easy to implement concepts in this range is the M-TEC® Bra Cup with cover fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. With a total weight of 11 g for a Strap Cup (without PushUp) the cover fabric accounts for 8 g of the total weight.

This means that in average 70% of the cup can be made from recycled polyester. Quite a huge step to reduce the ecological footprint for Bra Cups and reduce for example sea plastic waste.

Available for all standard MUEHLMEIER foam Bra Cups.
Get in touch for more details!

3. M-TEC® 50% recycled Spacer

The recycled innovation
M-TEC® Recycle to Reduce the user of new fossils Strategy

Spacer is todays innovative base material for Bra Cups and stands out with its light feeling and great breathability. 

To optimize these products regarding their sustainable approach, the cups can now be made out of 50% recycled PES and therefore support circular thinking.

Available for all Spacer Shapes. Get in touch!

4. M-TEC® Biobased PLA Spacer Bra Cup

100% natural Raw Materials
M-TEC® Organic Resources Strategy

MUEHLMEIER focuses on implementing biobased materials as padding for Bra Cups. With the 100% biobased Spacer Bra Cups, we manage to off er a fully biobased Bra Cup to our customer, with the light feeling and breathable features of Spacer material.

Available for selected Spacer Shapes!


  • High breathability with natural breast support
  • Biodegradable within composting factories
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