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Seamless Bras with M-BraCup INSIDE

Seamless Bras with M-BraCup INSIDE

Seamless bonded bras are revolutionizing the lingerie world, setting a gold standard in design, comfort and functionality. Their distinctive features set them apart and underscore their rapidly growing popularity.

A decade ago, a pioneering collaboration with the renowned Korean home-shopping firm CJO Shopping led MUEHLMEIER into the transformative world of seamless bonded bras. At that time, the successful partnership inspired the Breastshaping company to a dedicated own lingerie collection in South Korea. Today, MUEHLMEIER’s latest seamless bonded bras stand at the intersection of a decade’s experience in this specific field and modern design artistry.

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General Seamless Selling Points

Smooth Finish
The absence of stitches and the ultra-thin quality ensures second skin feeling. Almost completely invisible when paired with tighter clothing.

More comfortable and form-fitting
The fabric is a lot more lightweight and snuggly.

Less pain and discomfort
Superior comfort without feeling something poking into the skin and inducing marks.


Unique MUEHLMEIER Seamless Added Values

Anatomically adapted M-BraCups INSIDE
They provide optimized support and perfect fit. They give even more hold & security.

Unsurpassed functionality & design options
Everything is possible… different qualities from super soft and stretch to sectoral, adjustable compression. From classic bras to individual pattern design. Different fabric structures also in lace.

Realized by ODM/OEM production for the individual brand!


The combination of proven M-BraCups and experienced seamless bonded Bra know-how defines the state-of-the-art Seamless Breastshaper Bra.

MUEHLMEIER Brand customers are invited to start with the base collection of Seamless Bonded products and develop their specific private label product. Targeting just the new young potential market segment and diversifying the product portfolio.


What MUEHLMEIER offers…

  • Business partner with best international competences & references
  • Your reliable partner for OEM/ ODM manufacturing for bonded bras
  • Specialized regarding anatomicaly adapted BraCup Padding inserted into bonded bras
  • Individual mould making expert
  • OekoTex Certified & REACH compliance

Responsible Sales Contact for Seamless Bras

Tamas Bödöcs  tamas.bodocs@muehlmeier.eu
CEO & Head of Sales

Julian Mühlmeier  julian.muehlmeier@muehlmeier.eu
Business Development & Sustainability

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