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Bra Cup Highlights - M-iFoam, M-TEC & more

Bra Cup-Highlights

The best selection of M-TEC Bra Cups

The Muehlmeier brand has a long history and deep-rooted connection with fashion. Everything at Muehlmeier reflects the spirit to understand the anatomy of the female bust and the desires of women, to provide comfort and feel-good experience with its products.

The main objective is to make women feel better, whether it’s in daily situations, special moments or in sports.

The following selection of M-TEC® Bra Cup-Highlights provide an introduction to the versatile range of high quality Bra Cups with outstanding product features:

"I do" for the perfect fit

A selection of shapes for up-to-date looks and Balconette styles is readily available.
Create the perfect bra solution for an eye-catching wedding dress, evening gown or cocktail dress.


Muehlmeier’s innovative M-iFoam Padding consists of a unique perforated structure that provides excellent moisture absorption and high breathability. Our M-iFoam Padding has been developed to offer our climate conscious clients a stable, high-quality product that is free of toxins.

Airy feeling, light pricing

If you are looking for a premium BraCup for a competitive price, we would like to introduce you to our latest addition to our offering. Muehlmeier’s Airy Spacer Padding makes a natural feeling accessible for every woman – for a light price.

Naked Feel Free Breast

Muehlmeier is the specialist for BraCups out of Spacer fabrics and is constantly extending its range of SPACER BraCups with new innovative proposals. The airy, naked feel SPACER quality and new skin-colours blending in perfectly with the skin-colour of the female user create a pure NUDE Look sensuality.

Adding Value to Upgrade your Bra

This product concept allows the customer to Upgrade his "well-fitting proven BraCup shape" with a choice of "added values" in his BraCup.

Updated BraCups with Added Value

Complex new Cup-Core construction gives a convincing answer to the market demand for „MetalFree Bras”. This is Bra-Upgrading at its best. The top-solution for „MetalFree” BraCup hold is the New M-TEC® CASUAL Progressive Support BraCup … made to order in the proven customer mould.

Various Technologies available

The construction of M-TEC® WireFree BraCups allows best bust-shaping and support even without using wires. The bottom line is more flat to add the underbust band to the cup. The cups have more lateral extension to reach stability. Below the armhole the extension is sewn together with the back side of the bra. These cups combine Health and Comfort in WireFree Bras. Due to the high demand the selection of MUEHLMEIER WireFree BraCup models is increasing each season.

Natural Breastlike Structure

The unique combination of different materials, like Soft foam, Memory foam, Gel-PushUp Inlay or Fibre core in a layered 3D-structure allows the creation of natural breastlike touch&feel. Inside covered with "brushed fabric" the BraCup gets its supersoft unbeatable handfeel.

Safe Comfort by One Piece BraCup

These Soft One-Piece-Cups offer total wearing comfort and wire-free support. The defined décolleté and bustline ensures Perfect Fit.

Monocups – Removables – Lite to High-Level Activities

A wide range of BraCup models – suitable for Sports Bras – highlight the collection of MUEHLMEIER BraCups. Depending on customers' imagination, the use differs from simple Removables to Hi-Tec Composite Technology for Sports Bras. Always the Cups are adapted to the needed support on the different Sports levels. From Low-level up to High-level impact the customer can choose his most suitable BraCup model for Athleisure and Sportswear.

For every female body – all sizes

The latest M-BraCup development responds to the growing BraCup demands for Full Bust & Slim Body Girls. It was an ambitious target to realize best-fitting BraCups with big volume but no bust enlarging-effect. The engineers of MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping developed the Full Bust Cups based on these criteria. The female customer can feel safe and sound with M-TEC® Full Bust Slim Body BraCups indulging in a sensual sexy décolleté and radiance.

Low Water Absorption

The most frequent BraCup Shape for Swimwear is the Classical Triangle Shape and according to the growing demand, MUEHLMEIER has increased its Triangle BraCup selection.

MUEHLMEIER’s goal, to provide all Swimwear brands with BraCups in different proven shapes, optimized for Swimwear in regards of low water absorption or fast drying is realized by different Material solutions within the Swimwear BraCup Collection.

For natural breast appearance

Modern women address the topic "living with or after breast cancer" in a particularly self-confident, active and independent way. Muehlmeier cares about the well-being of women finding themselves in such diff icult times. The Breastshaping Specialists have developed BraCups which meet the needs and guarantee peace of mind.

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